We Clean 7 Days A Week, 
So You Don't Have To

About us

About US

7Clean is a new cleaning business dedicated to providing a fresh and innovative take on your conventional cleaning services. Our approach is one that is objective and efficient. We use only the best quality products to protect your furniture and leave your surfaces sparkling clean. Our methods are tailored to suit your home and that of your family.

7Clean consists of a dedicated team of cleaning professionals. Employees are fully trained and receive complete background checks before being assigned to a 7Clean domestic project. We ensure the safety and the security of our clients but also our staff.


Why Choose Us

We believe that a clean home is a happy home. Our clients and our employees we hold in high esteem and go the extra mile to deliver a high standard of services you will be proud of. WE work with you to achieve incredible results.


What We Provide Our Customers
Our customers will receive a weekly clean that is scheduled according to your needs. Our focus is to clean your home from top to bottom. We deliver deep hygiene cleans for your property from removing the embedded dust in your carpets to shining your windows. We focus on maintaining customer satisfaction through the quality of our services. Our methods includes the cleanliness and the complete organization of your home. 7Clean is committed to providing London homes the domestic services they can depend on.

Our Vision
It is our wish to continue to expand our business to provide our clients exceptional cleaning services they can rely on. We foresee the growth of our products, range of services, and uphold our high-quality standard we deliver in our personalized maintenance solutions for your home.

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