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Health Benefits of Cleaning

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There are many health benefits of cleaning, which you may not be aware of. 


Reduces allergies, asthma and some sinusitis

Regular hoovering and dusting reduces the number of allergens and pet hair present, alleviating your symptoms.


 Cleaning Lowers Stress and Fatigue

Living in a cluttered environment can make you feel overwhelmed and tired as your eyes always move from one object to another, not leading rest. If you regularly organise your home, it will help to reduce the stress of finding things also allow your eyes to rest.


Reduces Migroorganism

Regular cleaning with an antibacterial agent will reduce the number of microorganisms in your home. This is especially essential in areas such as the kitchen as it is very easy to cross-contaminate surfaces with different harmful bacteria which can lead to food poisoning.


It can keep pests away

Taking out the bins when full and regular hoovering can help to prevent bugs and rats. This can prevent those expensive pest control bills.


Research shows that regular cleaning helps to improve your diet.

A study was conducted, which showed that women who had a stressful professional life ate more unhealthy foods than women who did not. This study also showed that out of the women who had an unorganised kitchen ate even more unhealthily. 


Reduces mould

Regular cleaning, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, can help reduce mould. Also, the quicker you catch it, the easier it is to remove it.


Increase productivity

You will be less likely to get sick, which will, in turn, mean you are less likely to miss work improving your productivity. Furthermore, living in a clutter-free environment, you will spend less time looking for things and potentially less time procrastinating. 


Gives a sense of accomplishment

Can be very important with people who struggle with depression or low motivation. Just doing one small thing like making your bed in the morning can impact your day going forward.


It gives a feeling of more control

It is excellent for people who feel out of control maybe your struggling with mental health or are going through some difficult phase in your life. It is especially important in this challenging time, you might not be able to control the impact the virus has on your family, business or life, but you can have control over this one small thing.


Can help with anxiety and depression

It not only makes you feel more in control and gives a sense of accomplishment, but it also releases endorphins. These increase our overall feeling of wellbeing and happiness.


Impact how you parent

As living in a clean and organised home leads to less stress and feeling overwhelmed, it can help reduce frustration and losing your temper as a parent which can lead to a more harmonious household.


Improves mood

Having a lovely smelling home can make you feel happier and calmer. Vanilla, lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang all can help you feel more relaxed. 


Improves sleep

Sleeping in clean sheets can help you feel more comfortable, you will be less stressed, less overwhelmed, less anxious, all of which improves sleep.



Check out our blog next week on how to start a cleaning regime.




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